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As part of my mission to blog at least once each month of 2016, meet my February post…the Wilson’s!! This sweet family has been friends of ours for the past few years. Love them. We took these photos this past fall and I couldn’t have asked for better light! This post is pure autumn magic…and I have the Wilson’s to thank for it! Enjoy!


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Shannon & Courtney – SJP Weddings


Happy New Year everyone! As the new year begins I’m intending to improve on blogging!! For some reason it gets lost in the shuffle of every day life for me. I find many urgent things requiring my attention throughout the day and then blogging gets put on the back shelf. However, I have so many amazing shoots to share with you all and I don’t want to let them stay hidden. So…without further ado, please enjoy this post of Shannon and Courtney’s beautiful wedding I photographed this past fall.

Photographing weddings provides me the opportunity to meet a variety of families. Some are great. Some are not. This my friends is real life. However, photographing this wedding brought back my hope and faith in humanity! Everyone was AMAZING. Seriously. Even Courtney’s father told me to sit down and have a beer during the reception!??! Working with this couple was nothing short of awesome.

Courtney and Shannon live out of state, but decided to get married in Colorado where Courtney grew up. The Bear Dance Golf Club was the perfect backdrop. From the mountains and clear blue sky to the amazing flower arrangements and little touches…everything about this wedding was perfect. Love.

Wedding and Reception Venue: Bear Dance Golf Club
Wedding Dress: Something New Boutique
Flowers: Secret Window Floral
Cakes: Edelweiss
DJ: Celebrity DJ




Montgomery_2014_blog_03Montgomery_2014_blog_04The lovely Courtney and her awesome mom getting her in her dress! Montgomery_2014_blog_05Montgomery_2014_blog_06Montgomery_2014_blog_07Montgomery_2014_blog_09Montgomery_2014_blog_08Montgomery_2014_blog_10Courtney…you are so beautiful!Montgomery_2014_blog_11Montgomery_2014_blog_12Montgomery_2014_blog_13Montgomery_2014_blog_14Montgomery_2014_blog_15This is my favorite shot of Courtney…stunning.Montgomery_2014_blog_16

Montgomery_2014_blog_17Montgomery_2014_blog_18Montgomery_2014_blog_19Montgomery_2014_blog_20Shannon. One lucky man!

Montgomery_2014_blog_21Montgomery_2014_blog_22Montgomery_2014_blog_23Montgomery_2014_blog_24Montgomery_2014_blog_25Montgomery_2014_blog_26Montgomery_2014_blog_27Every detail for this wedding was perfect.
Right down to the baby’s breath to toss at the couple as they exit the ceremony!

Montgomery_2014_blog_28Montgomery_2014_blog_29Montgomery_2014_blog_30Montgomery_2014_blog_31Montgomery_2014_blog_32Montgomery_2014_blog_33Montgomery_2014_blog_34Montgomery_2014_blog_35Montgomery_2014_blog_36Montgomery_2014_blog_37Montgomery_2014_blog_38Montgomery_2014_blog_39Montgomery_2014_blog_40Montgomery_2014_blog_41Montgomery_2014_blog_42Montgomery_2014_blog_43Montgomery_2014_blog_44Montgomery_2014_blog_45Montgomery_2014_blog_46Montgomery_2014_blog_47Montgomery_2014_blog_48Montgomery_2014_blog_49Montgomery_2014_blog_50Montgomery_2014_blog_51Montgomery_2014_blog_52Montgomery_2014_blog_53Montgomery_2014_blog_54Montgomery_2014_blog_55Montgomery_2014_blog_56Montgomery_2014_blog_57ou gu

Congratulations Shannon and Courtney! Love you guys!!

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Meet Magic Hour and Carter – Colorado Springs Family Photographer


PrintI have some news to share as Sara Joy Photography is branching out a bit. This post is very important to me and I’m so excited to share my heart.

Since I had my own children, something in my heart grew extremely tender and sensitive to the subject of children battling cancer, or any type of life threatening disease. When I heard about these amazingly courageous children, I would cry and pray for them…always wishing there was more I could do.

Earlier this year, one of my friends’ sons was diagnosed with cancer…this hit close to home as their son is my daughter’s age. I just can’t imagine. As I’ve prayed and watched him fight bravely, I’ve continued to sense this longing in my heart for the opportunity to do more for families battling cancer.

One day I discovered Magic Hour Foundation…guess what they do??!! Provide professional photo sessions for families battling cancer…FOR FREE!!  The amount of financial strain that is placed upon families battling cancer, along with the emotional and physical toll, is huge. Paying for family photos is probably low on the priority list. What a gift this organization is!!

Immediately I applied to be one of their photographers. I just knew in my heart this was the perfect fit for me. When I was accepted into this organization I was so honored and excited…anxious to serve. Then I received my first “match” and was blessed to meet Carter and his awesome family.

Carter has been battling cancer for the past 2.5 years and he still has 1 year left of his treatment plan. Carter is courageous. Carter is amazing. Carter is a hero to so many…but most of all his family. Meeting and photographing them was a true honor and highlight to my life. They were so fun, full of life and hope. I was blessed in so many ways.

SO…if you know someone battling cancer…please point them in the direction of Magic Hour for a complimentary photo session! Myself and other photographers are eager to serve and bless them with photos that will capture the gift of today.

OR…if you are a photographer interested in donating your time and talent to families battling cancer…check out Magic Hour’s website and apply…TODAY!! You will not regret it.

And now…meet courageous Carter and his amazing family! I just love them.


Carter. My new hero.

For every procedure Carter has endured, he adds a bead to this ongoing necklace…each bead represents chemo, spinal taps, shots, IV’s, x-rays…etc…the list goes on. Once I saw this, I realized I have nothing to complain about!

Carter’s amazing parents and sweet sisters are true examples of encouragement and support. Truly remarkable.

Thank you Magic Hour for the opportunity to enter into a world that moves my heart.

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